Store Policy

Customer Care

The NordzeeBuilds Shop is a space I created to share my art with my followers. It is, obviously, very important to me that my customers are happy and I will do my best for that. Because I work with different suppliers, I don't have full control about how products are shipped, but I will for sure do what I can to help out if you have a problem with your order. For any inquiries about the shop, please reach out to

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy is of utmost importance for us, and for total transparency, it's important to be aware that for logistic reasons most of the physical products for sale in this shop are fulfilled by partners. At the moment, printed items are fulfilled by Printful, a print-on-demand company. Fulfillment partners might change without previous notice.


Order details are automatically shared with fulfillment partners after an order is made. They will  produce and ship your product using our designs, so they need your contact information. Fulfillment partners are also responsible for handling order returns. Payment data is never shared with partners, since your payment goes to NZBuilds and we pay the fulfillment company directly.


Please refer to Printful's privacy policy for more information their policies regarding privacy of user data.

For digital downloads and 3D prints, no data is ever shared with third parties.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards via Wix Payments